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Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.     I TIMOTHY 4:12


Athol Baptist Church believes children are never too young to start learning about Jesus and the Bible.
Our goal is to start with a basic foundation to prepare them for the Children’s Ministry program. Our preschool class teaches Bible stories using books, visual and interactive activities, crafts and songs.


Athol Baptist believes that children are not the church of the future, but they are the church of today.
Our goal is to educate children in all the major Bible stories of the Bible, also to make sure they understand who Christ is and what He did for them.  We also place a large emphasis on the child’s place in the home and what God expects of them in their family.
Our goal is that every child has a firm foundation of the scriptures before leaving the children’s ministry.

The Safety of your children is of the utmost importance to our church.

  • Check-in and Check-out procedures.

  • Every volunteer is background checked and has received Child Supervision training.



Athol Baptist Youth Group is not your ordinary teen department. We are focused on learning the WORD OF GOD. DO we have fun? Yes!! Do we play games? Yes!! Do we go on outings? Yes!! But our primary focus is developing teens who know what God's Word has to say and how to apply it to their daily lives. Our Youth Group is for ages 12-18 years old. 


Athol Baptist Church encourages teen involvement in our ministries. We have teens serving in our Worship team, working with our Children's Ministry, running the audio and visual equipment, and more.



What is Drop Point Ministries (DPM)? Drop point is a word used to describe a certain type of Bushcraft knife. Of the tools that any person practicing Bushcraft holds dear none is more valuable than their knife. Useful in almost every situation and absolutely essential to the success of any expedition. It is the desire of Drop Point Ministries to transform young men and boys into essential instruments for the cause of Christ.
To accomplish this it is the goal of DPM to utilize a dynamic and engaging wilderness/ bushcraft program that focuses on character building and wilderness skills. DPM will combine the teaching of Bushcraft Skills and Biblical principles to create Christian Boldness in the Hearts and Minds of the Tribesmen involved.
One thing that DPM noticed in other programs that have a wilderness focus is that there was a large emphasis on badge work, paperwork and a great deal of checking boxes to earn achievement. Although there is a merit process in DPM, it is not the goal of DPM to provide a series of boxes for Tribesmen to check in order to progress through the program. DPM desires to strip this process down to the fundamental essentials of biblically building Christian boldness in Tribesmen ages 5-18.

For more information, contact Bob Stipek at (208) 661-2050 or



GROW! is an exciting new ministry for girls ages 5-18. GROW! will focus on establishing a heart for the Lord in girls and young ladies, so they're equipped to Go Reach Our World and glorify God! Learning homesteading and practical life skills, God's principles will come to life.
Fall/Winter meeting dates will include tea party, sewing, baking, card making, lotion making, clay pots, painting garden marker rocks, herbal lesson & making ointment, soil lesson, starting flowers, herbs, veggies, how to use garden tools, learning about good/bad bugs and plant unhappiness.
Spring and Summer schedule will focus on gardening with optional homestead days and will include activities such as hiking, foraging, berry picking, garden tours, canning in home, milking goats, butchering, baking.

Are you interested in serving with any of these ministries? Please click on the SERVE button and fill out a Volunteer Application.

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