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Updates 04.10.20

Greetings Church,

Without a doubt, we are blessed in this community.  There are so many people reaching out to help others and several groups handing out donations to those in need.

Athol Baptist Church has been asked for volunteers to assist with providing meals and face masks and you've been answering the call.  Thank you. 

Remember, most ABC updates will happen via Facebook and the website.  For those of you not on social media, here's a recap.

Easter Service will be posted to Facebook at 10:00am.  We'll be taking communion together online as one body, but each of us in our own homes.  So, have some juice, crackers or alternatives ready while you watch the sermon. There are sealed juice/wafer cups available for pick up at the church beginning Friday afternoon.  Outside the front doors, on the bench, will be communion cups and disposable gloves.  Please use one glove, take cups needed for your family, and dispose of your glove in the trash box.  

A group of ladies has been making face masks as requested by a local business.  If you have any elastic to donate, please contact Linda Durland, the coordinator of this group, or the office.  If anyone needs a face mask, just ask.

You can still sign up to volunteer.  We've adjusted the website registration to allow more sign-ups.  Roger Friesen has been placing volunteers with the Athol Food Bank and Country Boy's Free Lunch give away.  As more needs come in, Roger will be seeking more help.  A huge thank you to everyone that has already stepped in to assist with the food bank, free lunches and phone calling to all our members!

ABC has a crisis response team working with the community to help identify needs and solutions. At this time, the church building will remain closed through the 30th. The team will meet again on 4/27 to reassess opening the building. Updates from these meetings will be passed along to everyone as available.  Staff are still working and the pastors remain available to meet by appointment.    

On a final note, it's a testimony to our Lord and Sustainer that ABC is able to meet budget this month, despite not meeting together under one roof each week.  His work will continue through your faithful giving.  We are blessed.

In Him,

Christopher Antone

Senior Pastor

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