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ID Statewide Stay at Home Order


Greetings Church,

As you’ve probably heard, Governor Little has issued a statewide stay at home order for the next 21 days. Athol Baptist Church is “essential” to the community as a whole. We will continue to reach out to those in need. That said, we will do so as smartly as possible. We ask that you do not make unnecessary visits to the church. We’re taking steps to ensure the church’s work continues, which includes the ability to work from home if necessary. Beginning tomorrow, the following precautions will be in effect at the church building.

All non-essential staff, ministry leaders and volunteer are asked to:

1. Work from home when possible.

2. Refrain from in-person meetings if possible. Make use of Zoom (ABC will set up Zoom business account(s).)

3. If meeting in person is essential (including one-on-one meetings), practice the Covid19 health guidelines of social distancing 6’, hand washing, disinfecting the rooms, etc.

4. Pastoral staff remains available to meet in person, by appointment only. This is to ensure rooms can be wiped down prior to a meeting and a 3rd person can be available, if necessary.

5. If volunteering requires you to be out driving, the church can provide an “essential work” letter if needed. You are asked to take every precaution to practice the Covid19 health guidelines while volunteering.

Please call the office with any questions or email Pastorchris@atholbaptistchurch.org.

Thank you for remaining faithful to the Lord’s work.

Christopher Antone Senior Pastor

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